Morrigan’s travel beads… 21st October 2019


The Celtic woman's safety chain...when far from home... So I have done it. Finally left the island and headed off into the wide blue yonder that is UAE. Well, its been a long old wait! Follow this link to see the build up to today's eventual leaving of the shores if you want to know … Continue reading Morrigan’s travel beads… 21st October 2019


Photo by Pixabay on This word has been incessantly rattling around in my not-so-lucid -lately brain matter. There was another word - earlier today - that now escapes me. Foggy brained, I have unravelled throughout my long and lonely day. Make that days. To recall a fleeting thought from early morning as I gazed … Continue reading Denouement

Cavernous realms beyond our control.

Photo by u041cu0430u0433u043eu043cu0435u0434 u0428u0430u043fu0438u0435u0432 on It was tricky not to find the usual generic picture when searching for a free image for this and as I have not ventured into any caves as late - as one does...(not often!) ... I gave in and plumped for the awestruck figure enclosed in eerily irredescent gloom! … Continue reading Cavernous realms beyond our control.

Sign your name across my heart …

When I first saw this writing prompt I immediately latched onto Picasso and started thinking of his great modernist works. His abstract, often complex Cubist creations with a distinct African feel and his portraits of the women in his life, are all infused with a strange and sometimes macabre sadness. "Art is a lie that … Continue reading Sign your name across my heart …


So today I cheated. I chose all six prompts from the last 6 days and amalgamated them to write one block of 6 x 50 words expected of me...nothing if not crafty, that's me! Reminded immediately of a pen my husband bought me long ago, one that I craved on first sight but abandoned as … Continue reading Promptation!

Excuses for not writing in forever …and Mountains…UAE style

Back home in the UK I belong to no less than 3 writing groups. Photo by Lisa on A little greedy perhaps - and typically me to spread myself so thin and want to join all I see instead of being selective. Yet variety IS the spice of life and for me all 3 … Continue reading Excuses for not writing in forever …and Mountains…UAE style

Making that move…

Apologising profusely to your old apartment cos you already left it. Possibly weeks ago in your mind! Addressing it by its number - 516 - sorry, 516 but I am staying here with my newbie tonight 🙂 Hi new abode and wide open space ☀ Moving today has been a strange cocophony of memories, spilling … Continue reading Making that move…