Photo by Victor Dunn on When I left the UK in October 2019 I had no idea what lay ahead of me out here. I took my courage such as was left after a tough few years and then I put my all into making this happen. So here I still am ... 3 … Continue reading Aftermath


Morrigan’s travel beads… 21st October 2019


The Celtic woman's safety chain...when far from home... So I have done it. Finally left the island and headed off into the wide blue yonder that is UAE. Well, its been a long old wait! Follow this link to see the build up to today's eventual leaving of the shores if you want to know … Continue reading Morrigan’s travel beads… 21st October 2019

A forgotten missive written in Lockdown Lunacy 2020 – so how do we all feel now, post apocalyptic, 2 years on!

Already 11a.m Already June. June 21st 2020. Feels incredible that over 3 months have gone by already of this craziness! Moving to a different position on the sofa feels like a shift in persepective each day haha - or going from one room to the other in my two room space. And alternating between balconies... … Continue reading A forgotten missive written in Lockdown Lunacy 2020 – so how do we all feel now, post apocalyptic, 2 years on!

Relinquishing The Past…

22nd February 2022 Being signed off sick - and finally giving into doctor's orders and salvaging what is left of my failing health - has also given hours and hours of past reflection, present feelings and future decisions...perhaps. She says... indecisively... The tinge of Guilt accompanying writing when I should be working - or should … Continue reading Relinquishing The Past…


Photo by Pixabay on This word has been incessantly rattling around in my not-so-lucid -lately brain matter. There was another word - earlier today - that now escapes me. Foggy brained, I have unravelled throughout my long and lonely day. Make that days. To recall a fleeting thought from early morning as I gazed … Continue reading Denouement

Cavernous realms beyond our control.

Photo by u041cu0430u0433u043eu043cu0435u0434 u0428u0430u043fu0438u0435u0432 on It was tricky not to find the usual generic picture when searching for a free image for this and as I have not ventured into any caves as late - as one does...(not often!) ... I gave in and plumped for the awestruck figure enclosed in eerily irredescent gloom! … Continue reading Cavernous realms beyond our control.